Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The last few miles of the marathon

The countdown is on. The weeks, half weeks, are counted until finals week. Somehow, the work seems to pile up before everyone leaves for summer. It sometimes feels like the last miles of a marathon. You are exhausted already, but determined to make it to the glorious finish line. Then, collapse, recharge, and don’t want to run another marathon for a long, long time.

The weather changes between wonderful, warm days, still surprisingly mild after this long winter, and mild, gray, rainy days like today and the next few days. I started to run again, with the Couch to 5k program, now conveniently time-able via iphone apps, and the bike is in the shop for a tune-up. This will be a ‘in shape’ summer again, where free days are spent hiking up mountains instead of perusing antique stores and restaurants like last summer. You have to be in shape for that, since huffing and puffing up the mountains, sweating profusely,  is no fun. The elegant mountain gazelle looks more appealing…..


Yesterday I walked home after work. While all I wanted was to collapse in front of the TV with hot cocoa and one of these donuts, I had to pack up again and venture out for a midweek grocery shopping haul since the fridge was blaringly empty. That typically does not propel me into going shopping until one item is running low: milk for the morning coffee. 



There was time to bake on the weekend. Ashley’s baked donuts became edgy mini bundts with the beautiful heritage mini bundt cake pan.

Onwards to another mile….. 24!

Guide to Portland, ME


Found this this morning on designsponge--- an guide to Portland, Me, 2014 with its ever changing scene of the local community.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring time menu

It is the Easter weekend, and people take the opportunity to celebrate, not quite like Christmas, but the spring time equivalent. Potlucks, Easter egg hunts, Easter Sunday potluck brunch, church lunch --- here are a few ideas for the days: spring time salads, vegan waffles and savory mini muffins. Just add minosas and a tart, and you are set.


springtime israeli couscous salad


Lentil quinoa salad with chives


Vegan chia waffles


Feta spinach squash muffins

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Deal alert

The sun shines. The work week is almost over, today is prepared (until 11pm last night); it just needs to be served out, and then it is the Easter weekend. On cue, my lust for all things shopping returned, and emails from retailers are read again instead of deleted in batches. ---

Shopping carts at JCrew factory are filled, and left unattended with artist’s tees, short sleeve navy sweaters and new necklaces. Aldo sandals are checked out. Then my real shopping instinct is peaked by an extraordinary deal--- the Le Creuset saucepan for $79.  $79!!!! When I bought the same sauce pan in the winter, it was “on sale” for $139. This size (1 1/4 qt) is excellent for 1-2 person meals, the smallest useful le creuset, and the quality is just superb. Risottos don’t burn and come out creamy without having to constantly stir (like with stainless steel pots), pasta dishes come out great and stay warm for a long time, and, keeping the lid on, dishes cook energy-efficiently on low heat. It is my new favorite pan. I should get another one!

But, the voice of reason says, one is enough. At least, you know about the deal. (comes in flame, indigo, marseille and rosemary).