Thursday, June 5, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake

Cake layer:
1/4 cp Krusteaz pancake mix
1/4 cp butter milk
1 TB egg beaters
1/4 ts vanilla extract
1/4 ts baking powder
1 TB brown splenda

4 TB ff Coolwhip (45kcal)
1 cup whole fresh strawberries, halved (45 kcal)

1 TB Torani sf raspberry syrup
1 TB fresh-pressed lemon juice
1 ts sf strawberry preserve

small bundt cake form
pastry bag with decorative top

Mix the cake ingredients, and fill in a prepared small bundt cake form (here, the idea is to create a ring for the short cake; a entire round surface might need too much whipped cream and strawberries). Bake the cake batter at 400F for 15 min. Remove from pan and cool.

Once cooled, turn the cake with the decorative side down and the flat side up. Mix raspberry syrup, lemon juice and strawberry preserve. Poke small holes in the flat side of the cake with the straw, and drizzle syrup mix into the tiny holes. Fill the whipped cream in the pastry bag, and decoratively arrange on the short cake. Place strawberries on top. Enjoy!

Short cake is breakfast entree + fruit. 211kcal. You just need a protein.

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