Thursday, April 30, 2009

Miracoli di San Gennaro - is it worth it?

Ever since I read this article in Gourmet magazine in January 2009, and had gone ahead to order a can of the Miracoli di San Gennaro tomatoes from, I had the can sitting there. First on my kitchen counter. Because, $15 for a single can of tomatoes, this is truly a miracle. After a while, the miracle wore off, and the can went into the pantry, to all the other cans of tomatoes. It was waiting for an opportunity to be opened. Nothing in particular happened today, but I felt it was time to try it out. To either be disappointed and feel like a sucker for false advertisement (likely) or taste something really great.

I opened the can. I wanted to make a very simple marinara, with some fresh rosemary, grated garlic, anchovy paste, a shot of red wine, and black pepper and a hint of honey. I squished the whole tomatoes from the can into paste by hand when pouring them in the pot. They felt different, silky, tender, an extremely tender texture. I added the other ingredients, stirred, heated, waited. The first tasting with a spoon..... it brought tears to my eyes, it was so good.

Yes, most definitely, it is worth it. It is so good it will make you tilt your head back in delight, looking at the ceiling and feeling you are in heaven. A toast to expensive pasta and imported italian tomatoes!

Products used: Latini spaghetti, Miracoli di San Gennaro tomatoes (also available on

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