Saturday, May 23, 2009


The skinny on the BBQ season....there are many, many skinny options but what if you want a REAL juicy meaty burger? Sliders are the way to go. One of the sliders in this recipe has 150kcal, you can have a few and indulge (I do ;)

1 slider pattie:
2 oz 90% lean ground beef (120kcal)
1/2 ts McCormick Grill seasoning
1/2 ts Worchestershire sauce
salt, pepper
1/2 ts eggbeaters

1/2 low carb hot dog roll or pc of baguette
1 ts low-carb ketchup
1 ts mustard
1/2 slice ff american or cheddar cheese
1 slice of dill pickle

Mix the burger ingredients in a mixing bowl, and form small patties (weigh the portions to get an idea of the calories in the burgers). Grill on medium heat on the bbq. Serve with bun and the remaining burger ingredients.

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