Monday, June 15, 2009

Halibut with Bourbon Peach and Greens

Fresh halibut from the Farmer's Market again this year, grilled with a fresh peach and Honey Bourbon grilling sauce, and fresh salad greens from the garden.

6 oz halibut
1 small peach, sliced
PAM spray
salt, pepper
1 TB Bourbon grill sauce
2 TB chicken stock

Heat a grill pan on really high heat, spray with pam, and grill the halibut from both sides, 3 min each. Place halibut on the serving plate. Add the peach slices, the Bourbon grill sauce, and and the chicken stock to the pan, and heat up for 1-2 min. Pour over halibut, and serve immediately.

Stats: 6oz halibut raw, 187kcal, 1 small peach: 50 kcal

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