Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Health food that might not be so healthy

Health food

Interesting article in "Cooking Light": why some health food might not be as healthy as we think.
  • Smoothies are only healthy and skinny when made with mostly fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt (w/o the ice cream, sugar, cream etc.)
  • "Multi-grain" bread does not mean it is "whole-grain". It might still be refined flour.
  • Turkey meat is lean protein, but deli turkey slices contain a high percentage of sodium.
  • Low-fat peanut butter might not be lower calorie, and make up the lower fat with more sugar.
  • Store-bought salads can be loaded with mayo, nuts, meats and contain a whopping 600kcal.
  • Muesli bars can contain a high degree of sugars, corn syrup and saturated fats. It is healthier to eat trail mix, and low-fat cottage cheese.
For more information, see "Cooking light".

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