Saturday, July 31, 2010

Things that are pretty: La Chamba Columbian Clay Baking Dish

Today, I decided to start a new 'column', the pretty things column. Why? Over the last few weeks, I've been spending a lot of time clearing out my closets, the clothes, the shoes, and other stuff, and I swore I would buy less 'stuff' in the future -- despite things being so pretty. This morning I opened my email with Williams-Sonoma announcing 650 new items for autuum. Hmm, just looking? Despite my kitchen overflowing with the most beautiful and handy tools, I found a few new items that I like. So, instead of buying them, I will just write about them. Maybe, that satisfies the 'craving' (and saves some space in my kitchen!). :-)

This La Chamba Columbian Clay Baking Dish has a beautiful shape with the rounded sides, much like Nigella Lawson's baking dishes (way too expensive, though). It reminds me of the rounded soft shapes of a woman, and an elegance and earthiness with the black color. There are more items in this collection like the La Chamba Columbian clay oval casserole dish. They are not even terribly expensive, ca $26 for the medium size baking dish, and $59 for the casserole.

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