Monday, August 16, 2010

Still in love with Mache

Mache,  it is growing in my garden and plentiful in the produce section of WholeFoods. One of my favorite salads, next to radicchio, arugula, waterkress, and endive (looks like I love salads with character...).  This is almost an entirely WholeFoods salad: Epic Roots's mache, WholeFoods brand "chipotle ranch" dressing and spicy caramelized walnuts (*). Optional addition: blue cheese or goat cheese. And fresh ground black pepper.

(*) Spiced candied walnuts:
1 TB butter
1-2 TB brown sugar
some cayenne pepper
1 cup of chopped walnuts
Toast walnuts in a hot skillet, until fragrant. Add butter, brown sugar, mix and melt both and toss with walnuts. Be careful, it happens fast in a hot skillet and you don't want to burn the butter. Once melted, turn off heat and add cayenne pepper.

1 comment:

  1. Yum! Looks like my kind of salad too, with character! ;-)I could do without the ranch but must have some good cheese. Yours looks pretty enough to eat! ;-)
    I'm loving your blog, can't wait to read more!