Monday, September 27, 2010

Love as the Ultimate Superfood

I like reading the Crazy Sexy Life blog for its various guest post and reminders of inspiring messages of living a holistic life. Today's one is close to my heart. So, I take it straight from the blog post (click to read the entire post):

"Here are a few simple ideas to get that heart chakra opened up again:

-Laugh. Seems so obvious, but laughing is really the ultimate remedy. Nothing opens up the chakras (energy systems in the body) quite like a good, solid giggle.
-Rebound. Who wouldn’t be in a state of joy while jumping up and down on a mini-trampoline? I have yet to meet that person.
-Listen to music. Preferably songs that are fun, energizing, or emotionally moving!
-Nature: Get Outdoors and into Some Green. To be in the presence of nature is to be in the presence of magnificent love power.

So in my mind anything we could possibly eat, no matter the superfood status, pales in comparison to love!

Love feels good.
Love pervades.
Love heals all.
Love is really all there is.

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