Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Relax and stay in your skinny jeans!

I always suspected that stress is one of the biggest contributors to a juggle with weight, and minimizing stress helps the most. But now there is proof. A 2009 study at University of Otago in New Zealand showed that women loose more weight with yoga and relaxation techniques than those with exercise and diet. Now, ain't this great!  

Quoting from an interesting post on "Crazy Sexy Life":

To varying degrees, based on the body’s perceived severity of the stress [..it does not always have to be 'stress', any kind of stimulation is sufficient], cortisol is released as a stimulant. Since our adrenal glands were not designed to be used as often as they are today, it’s common for them to become overworked, resulting in an exhaustion called adrenal burnout.

Stress-free people are fat-burning machines. A stressed person’s system will switch from burning fat (as fuel) to carbohydrates in the form of sugar. Burning more sugar and less fat, the body will begin to store body fat instead of using it for energy. This leads to overworked adrenal glands, adrenal fatigue, reduction in sleep quality, and many stress-related impairments.

End quote. And, let me add, it will easily lead to weight gain.
So, turn off the TV, the computer, read a good book, take a walk on a quiet beach or a yoga class, and/or simply laugh at life and yourself and often the absurdity of it all.

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