Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vegan Eats: Where did all the protein go?

I have been 95% vegan since about October of last year, mostly vegetables, a bit of fruit, little pasta and rice. I felt great, light, did not catch a single cold, so all in all really good. Lately however, with a significant up in exercise (mostly a lot of skiing) I have been feeling really tired and somehow "sick and tired" just thinking about yet another veggie dish. So, I must be lacking some nutrients. Protein! Yesterday, I ate an egg white omelette and today I started the day with a raw vegan PROTEIN booster -- a scoop of Sun Warrior protein powder mixed in a cup of almond milk with 3 TB of thawed frozen raspberries. Now, I feel like I am ready to ski like an elf again  ;-)

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