Monday, February 7, 2011

Sprouted French Lentils

Sprouting, adding even higher nutritional value to legumes or grains, or so they say.... since it breaks a protective hull of grains and  lentils, which make them hard to digest. I sprouted tiny dark French lentils, in the middle of a Maine winter, and it came out a smashing success. They are a crunchy addition to salads and sandwiches.

How to sprout lentils.

mason jar
perforated lid (they are available for mason jars in natural living stores or online) or use simple cheese cloth

1) Fill the mason jar at most 1/3 with dry lentils. Once measured, clean the lentils under water and pick over for stones. 
2) Fill the lentils back into the mason jar, and fill the jar with water, covering the lentils well and above. Let the lentils soak for about 12h, and then rinse again. The lentils should be plumb by now. Discard theleftover water via the perforated lid.
3) Place the jar in a warm, sunny place (in Maine that means close to the wood stove!), and wait.
4) Twice a day, rinse the lentils by pouring cold water through the lid into the jar, shake well to loosen up the lentils and rinse them all thorougly. Again, discard all water through the lid.
5) After 2-3 days the lentils will be sprouting and start to take up the entire space in the jar, and you can start using them. Repeat step 4.
6) Once sufficiently sprouted, spread the sprouts in a flat container lined with paper towels, and store in the fridge. 

You can also buy them, and even at Whole Foods they are not that expensive.

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  1. I love sprouts! I havn't tried lentils, never even thought of it for some reason, but now I will! My fav's are soy and spicy sprouts!