Thursday, March 10, 2011

Farewell to a knife

When I started cooking in 2003, I realized I needed a really good knife. All that chopping activity would feel a lot better with a beautiful knife. It it would a sensual experience. I had already bought an expensive GLOBAL knife long before I was able to cook more than a good marinara sauce. Later, I ventured out to Wuesthof Santoku hollow edge knives, just because a good friend of mine (and an amazing chef !) received it as a Christmas present and was in love with it. Somehow, I associated good knife with good cook. I bought the same knife, a 7 inch Wusthof santoku knife, but later also bought the smaller, 5 inch one, which seemed less heavy and more handy. I have been using it ever since. Years, and years of chopping. Then, last year the handle gave out and started to crack. Later, small pieces fell out and I glued them back in with superglue. But I realized its life in my kitchen was coming to an end. My entire cooking life was accompanied by this knife…. Today, I called the Wusthof customer service, and they said to send it in for a replacement, since the knives have lifetime warranty. I am still a bit sad….. bye-bye, my beloved knife.

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