Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Almost …free lunch

After I packed my lunch box and headed to work I realize it is “Maine Day” at the University of Maine. In the old days Maine Day meant no classes for a day and everyone rides around on a broomstick to clean the campus from the signs of the almost finished school year and winter. Nowadays it seems to involve actually getting dirty instead of cleaning anything.
mud volleyball
Besides a tournament of mud volleyball, it involved loud house music blasting from the fraternity houses, many people shaving their heads for a kids with cancer fundraiser and yes, free lunch – hamburgers, hot dogs, coleslaw and something that looked very much like beer (but very likely was no beer). I missed the free lunch by about 3 mins. Dang!


  1. Ok, all that mud looks AWESOME!
    Sorry you missed the free lunch!

  2. Looks more fun than a broomstick. Wrote a post about skinny jeans today I thought you'd want to chime in on.