Monday, May 16, 2011

Indoor grilling

When the weather forecast shows 5 days of rain (when it is May and supposedly finally to get warm and sunny), when the cats tiptoe over the wet lawn and hide out under the trees, shivering, waiting to be picked up and carried into the warm again, then it is time for indoor grilling. Today, the grilled vegetables included summer squash, button mushrooms, thick slices of fennel and mache topped off with curried hummus from the farmers market, red pepper spread and BBQ sauce.

 grilled veggies fummus FM


  1. Ohh cool!!! This would be a good time to bust out my george foreman!

  2. Forecast stinks, agreed. Do you use foreman as comment above mentioned or stovetop gril that goes on burners? Looks delicious.

  3. Next week supposedly there will be a few sunny days! -- I have one of these large all-clad grill pans that cover 2 burners, basically half of the stove, and they are great to heat up to high temperatures and fit a *lot* of veggies. I feel like Giada di Laurentiis or Rachel Ray standing there with my tongs and waiting for the sizzle ;-)