Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain. Pause. Resume.

Today, the rain paused just long enough to mow the lawn. The sun will make a return on Sunday, and I wanted everything to be done about the garden so I could head to the coast for a hike. The cats galloped, as usual, into the neighbors’ gardens after staring me down when I came with the stinky, loud lawn mower. After it was all said and done, the edges trimmed, the weeds plucked out of the kale bed and the garden looking manicured and beautiful again, I fired up the BBQ.
Today’s combination was asparagus, mushrooms, summer squash, carrots, fennel, a white onion and smoked tofu. I typically have a large grill pan that covers almost the entire BBQ on the grill. It makes it easy to BBQ veggies, because they don’t fall into the fire. I brushed it with Meyer lemon infused olive oil, which makes the pan extra hot and the veggies sear up and caramelize faster. Also, I saved the cut-off ends of the asparagus, the peel of the carrots and onion to make a vegetable broth, adding a bay leaf and some thyme. Lunch was served, and then…. the rain drops started falling again.
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