Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Tofu Dilemma

I never much liked tofu or tofu products but I had heard from others that they think it cause their thyroid problems. When I told people that I had started eating vegan they commented “but, oh, don’t eat soy, it is not safe”. No, no, I don’t like it anyways I replied. But then, with pressed, marinated and grilled tofu I suddenly started to like it (proves the point that most things are delicious once prepared well). The added effect is that I feel much more energized when exercising, I have more endurance and recover better without feeling weighed down. So, there is my dilemma now: is it safe to eat more tofu? There are so many studies out there, but I am skeptical and always wonder who really funded a study. With government-supports industries the push does not always go in the direction to what is most healthy, but most supported (corn syrup, anyone?). I don’t want to end up with thyroid disease, so I wonder what to do.
Any thoughts? Opinions? concerns? Experiences?
light tofu

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