Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Free accommodation for the summer

For about 4 years I had this little blue bird house, looking a miniature German Black Forest house, hanging in a tree in my ‘back garden’, initially for the birds to nest, but eventually just for decorating purposes. This morning when I was taking a short break and hanging out with the cats I looked up to the bird house and saw a chickadee flying into. Oh! Really? Once the chickadee left, I moved a chair over, and lifted on side of the bird house, and, whattayaknow, I saw a bed of feathers and 2 little baby chickadees chirping thinking I am mommy and bringing some treats, but then thinking “that does not look quite right…” and being all quiet. So, I closed the roof, sat back at the table, contemplated that this has to be declared chickadee refugee ones the little ones start flying (and not incidentally fall into an open cat’s mouth). With a big smile on my face, I watch the chickadee come and go, with worms in her/his mouth. Happy subletters for the summer!


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