Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grilled Vegetables and…. Grilled Strawberries

Yesterday, after an evening of tornado warnings for most of Maine (hello?! tornadoes in Maine?), the weather was back to much colder and overcast this morning. Goodbye first taste of summer. When the sun peeked out in the afternoon with bright blue skies (for about 30min) I cranked up the BBQ for a late lunch. Inspired by Kath’s Strawberry Pecan Pesto Pasta salad, I added the remaining strawberries to today’s batch of grilled vegetables. Having restocked on infused olive oils I had more choices today but stuck with Meyer Lemon olive oil to brush the grill pan on the BBQ, and added summer squash, button mushroom, a tomato strawberries, red onion and a few slices of pressed marinated tofu.
strawberries on the BBQ
The grilled vegetable plate was rounded out by arugula salad and Trader Joe’s ranch dressing, home-made onion chutney, and a dash of BBQ sauce. Grilled strawberries taste like an in-between fresh ones and baked warm, sweet ones. Delicious!
grilled vegetables with strawberry

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