Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It is officially summer. Fortunately, the weather plays along, too. It’s not quite very warm, but warm enough. My hopes are up for July….. Yesterday, I finished listening to the audiobook “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. Love it! Audiobooks are a great way of ‘reading’ books when you actually don’t have time but you are cleaning, or cooking or exercising or driving long distances. What I particularly liked about the audiobook that it was read by different persons, one for Abby, one for Minnie and one for Skeeter. It made for a really funny book! I laughed out loud quite often. I also accidently tuned in to the Glee Project on TV last week, and was in awe of the amazing talent on the show, scratching my head how ANYONE could be eliminated (not like the Bachelorette, where the whole show should be scraped). So, I gave Glee itself another try, starting from the beginning on netflix instant play, and yeah, there we go, another contributor for good summer mood.

Chanelle says he has his own ways of feeling good—long naps in the catnip bed. Hope, you are having a good summer, too!


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