Monday, June 20, 2011

A word on B-12

Last fall I started with ‘clean eating’, which in my case means mostly plant-based food, mostly vegetables, some grains, hummus, apples,  wholegrain bread, and the occasional seafood. For protein I started to add Sun Warrior protein powder and recently tofu. I feel great but I also looked at people running marathons and half marathons and thought I’d never have enough energy to do something like that. This summer it started to bug me that I have a relatively low level of energy, and stumbled upon an article that said that vegans would be good off to take a B-12 supplement. Pills don’t work well, because the B-12is not absorbed well through the digestive tract and shots would be best. Shots? Seeing a doc? Needles? No. So, I started with 2 liquid supplements, one from NOW and one from GNC, and I basically drip it underneath my tongue for direct absorption (the GNC cherry flavored one definitely tastes better!). After a week of using the supplement, I must say my energy levels have increased. I have more energy through out the day, and recover from exercise quickly. Still don’t feel like running a marathon, but I definitely feel energized again. So, vegans, take your vitamin B-12! Or eat your beef liver and nutritional yeast (bah!).



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