Friday, July 1, 2011


Every time I check on the raised bed the kale says “Eat me!”. Suddenly at least one part of the plants seem to be indestructible and reproduce at an alarming rate, despite mine and the snails efforts to deal with the abundance. Even Kale Cat seems a bit puzzled. 

DSC_0524gr DSC_0531

Brushing my teeth this morning I absentmindedly looked at the collection of bracelets I had snagged up over the last half year. There was certainly a theme there, green-blue, wood, perly, and why not wear a half arm of them?

You know what I had for lunch right? Kale. Green kale, curly kale. red curly kale (which is actually rather purple), Tuscan kale. Kale, fried with fresh garlic and olive oil, and some fleur de sel and fresh ground black pepper. The bangles match the kale. 


More photos and the rest of the story below. . .

And the bangles matched the lunch plate. 


And, yes, lunch was good. Fresh kale, very local, organic, and a side of leftover macaroni pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, basil and kalamata olives. Also, I started watching Glee, Season 1 from the beginning again. A proven means to eliminate any lull. Let the long weekend begin! 


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