Friday, July 15, 2011

A little Secret……. Pasta!

I’ve always loved pasta…. spaghetti, penne, farfalle, rigatoni…. you name it and shape it. However, pasta has quite a bit of calories for not a lot of pasta. If you are not running marathons or stuck in the gym for an hour a day but more or less have a desk job and have came to believe that eventually no one can defy the laws of thermodynamics (energy in vs energy out and it does not matter if the calories come in form of whole foods or twinkies), pasta is often a tricky choice: yes, lovely, luxurious and tastes great, but you have to eat like Giada Di Laurentiis (“I always just take 2 bites…”) to look like Giada Di Laurentiis.

A few years ago I found Fiber Gourmet pasta. Let me tell you, my pasta dilemma now is solved (Besides, that it would be great if they’d make farfalle and rigatoni shapes!).

Fiber Gourmet adds a resistant starch to the pasta, which cannot be digested but adds the effect of fiber. The same amount of pasta has 40% less calories, and the fiber is significantly increased. All their pasta just tasted like regular pasta and has the same texture. I’ve served it to people who do not know about FG, and no one noticed. So, you basically can eat almost twice the amount for the same calories. A healthy serving!

Fiber Gourmet pasta comes in short fettucini, elbows, penne, rotini, spaghetti (!!!) and also as lasagna sheets. There are also plenty of flavored fettucini available, which taste great, but I typically put the taste in the sauce and prefer plain pasta.

As for clean eating and avoiding processed foods, the pasta contains only durum semolina flour and the resistant starch. I am not quite happy with engineered starch, but the overall concept makes me as a pasta lover really happy, and brings pasta to the table almost every other day.

Currently, I have not seen Fiber Gourmet pasta in stores, but I order them online ( has a good deal, 2.99 per packages or at FG directly).

Some pasta recipes made with fiber gourmet pasta:

Note: I have not been reimbursed by Fiber Gourmet; any opinions expressed here are my own.

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