Friday, July 22, 2011

What heat wave?

We are wimps when it comes to heat and humidity. Especially after last summer’s record heat stretch we are all wimped out this summer. With two days of record temperatures predicted, we flash back to last summer’s sleepless, sweat-soaked, miserable week late August, and decide: enough is enough, I need an AC unit ASAP, even if I am a Mainer, and we don’t usually do such things. 

I went on my mission early in the morning, and I was too late. Everyone else must have been thinking the same thing (“Get AC and buy cheap books at liquidated Borders”), and but they had done their shopping before me: AC units sold out everywhere. Sears, Walmart, some guy at Best Buy snagged up the last portable unit before me, and all the sales people saying “We are sold out! ….. no, for the season, no more deliveries this year”. 

I already saw myself camping out in the basement with the air mattress for the next 2 nights when I check at the last resort: the local Dunnett’s. They did not get the “Best of the Best in appliances and service” for 2010 award in vain --- they still had a few units left, and the line before me was just long enough to get me the last 12,000BTU unit. Lucky me. 

Now, after some heavy lifting, it is purring away in my bedroom, cats and I are back to normal, and say, what heat wave?


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