Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lululemon treasure chest?

Do you have a lululemon treasure chest? For me, it all started with Gina, and her love for lululemon active wear. I bought my first racerback shirt last year, and was not too impressed. Flimsical and expensive. Hmm. But then I got the wonder under pant, and it was LOVE. What material! What flattering fit! Now, I have got quite a few items and, although my fitness wear is ordered by activity/seasons(winter/summer, trainers, running, yoga, etc.) I have one drawer only for lululemon wear. Since the stuff is pricey (but worth every penny), I call it my treasure chest.

Lately, I added my first speed shorts, a ta-ta-tamer and the beautiful loosely fitting Silver Bullet Sleeveless Tech. All dressed up running with Katy Perrys’ Fireworks, I felt like running like a gazelle. A lululemon styled gazelle.


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