Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not so lucky

Today felt like deja vu. Instead of hunting down an AC unit I was looking for a small generator to serve as a backup for the sump pump. But, alas, me thinking I am early and well prepared (hey, it is still sunny and hot outside) I was again behind the curve, and all units were sold out everywhere. Ok, Home Depot had a new delivery of $999 generators, which basically provide backup electricity for a whole house. But besides the price my house is not set up for a generator like this. So, it was out. I found rechargeable large battery packs, but the 800 Watts one that would work for the sump pump were also sold out. Eventually I found a battery-powered backup sump pump at Lowes, but the unit was 250, the battery sold separate for 130, and the whole things had to be installed with the current sump pump. Where to get a plumper on a hurricane weekend?!

So, there are 2 things to do: playing sump pump myself and praying that the power does not go out for too long. Secretly thinking that maybe it is all media hype again and the worst of the hurricane might go down over a hunkered down NYC and Boston.

To cheer myself up I headed to the Folk festival, listened to some cajun and Japanese music, took in the marvelous smells of a mishmash of ethnic foods, and ate some smoked cajun salmon on a stick. I might enjoy the rest of the sunny day under the last umbrella left on my deck and the last 2 chairs. Irene, please play somewhere else..


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