Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ride like the Wind

Yesterday, on my bike ride home from the farmers market I suddenly realize the true source of the US obesity problem (read this: tongue in cheek..). Forget the stories about blaming fast food, subsidized corn, sugar sodas, starchy school lunches and dirty cheap happy meals. The true problem does not even have anything to do with food. And what caused the surprising insight?

On Friday afternoon, my car decided to die and had to be towed to the shop. Since the replacement part was not readily available it still is there. Since then, I biked and walked about everywhere: work, shopping, work, to the vet, you name it. I accumulated an extensive portfolio of physical activity that did not even classify as “time spent to exercise”. So, the true obesity culprit? THE CAR.

I admit my theory might be slightly flawed since in LA, people cannot really survive without a car and most people are physically fit (maybe because there are so many malls to go to?). But excluding LA, relying more on public transportation, bicycles and walking might be the kicker.

riding a bicycle


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  1. I JUST bought a bike last week and I'm loving riding it around town!