Monday, September 26, 2011

Sister Cats

Yesterday, I saw “Sister Wives” for the first time, the reality show about a polygamist family, who had recently moved from Utah to Las Vegas. 4 wives, 1 husband and 16 kids. I am not trying to be judgmental watching the show, but I guess it rubs everyone a bit a weird way because we don’t grow up with the notion of polygamy. This is probably what makes people watch the show:”How can this work?” Seeing it from a practical standpoint it seems to make sense as long as you share a large home: free babysitting, lots of help around the house by the other wives with cooking and cleaning, built-in girlfriend time, what’s not to like? The hubz shuttling around houses every day (or other day or week? who knows) that seems not so much fun; I guess the one big house should also work better. But, one guy, many outspoken women and 16 children, I kinda feel a bit bad for the guy ;-)

This summer I added a 5th cat to the family. More or less, we have been adopted by the neighbors’ cat, a beautiful, but not always friendly orange tabby names Tigger. Neighbors have many children (ok, not 16), and more cats and a dog and somehow it looked a bit they forgot to feed Tigger because she was skin and bones, and so I put a food bowl out for her every day. Now, if I whistle for my cats, not only my cats but also she comes running. If I forget to put something out, she already waits at my door step when I come home.

She is a little bit like sister cat, living in 2 homes with two sets of parents, and she seems to like it just fine.


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