Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The sparkly spark solstice

It is Christmas week, hard to believe. It still seems so busy and not slowing down at all. I guess it does happen when Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday. Work finally did slowed down and I made a pre-holiday trek to the Big City to stock up on Trader Joes and Whole Foods groceries. Whole Foods had Emi Fondue to sample (which is the best, beside home-made fondue from scratch) and Trader Joes latkes. Flowers, cheese platters, cured olives in bulk at ‘extreme’ low prices, even caviar at Trader Joes,….holiday items in full swing, the holiday crowds not (yet). Loved the stores in the mall that already sold their merchandise at 40% off because they would do anyway next week. Sparkly spark for shoes, glittery dresses. It might be the darkest day of the year, but humans invented glitter and candlelight.

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