Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lunch Inspirations

Lunch for me is different every day. There is no big recipe behind it besides a new combination of vegetables at hand. My staples in the winter are fresh kale, some winter squash from my fall farmers market stash, and many, many ziplock bags filled to the brim with various frozen vegetables such as frozen corn from the summer, petite brussels sprouts, exotic mushrooms, cannellini beans, lima beans, edamame, artichokes, broccoli, etc. Not every vegetable (or fruit) freezes well; the texture can change so much that I only eat them fresh (off my freezer list are for example bell peppers, summer squash, mango and also a few winter squashes).

Today’s lunch started with peeling a butternut squash, cubing half of it and baking it in the oven for future meals. About a 1/4 squash I cut into halfmoons and then strips, and started sauteing them with some basil  flavored olive oil, salt and pepper. I added the remaining wild mushroom medley, the last summer ripe local frozen corn, a handful of edamame, and then fresh kale. To wilt down the kale, a bit of water was necessary. All served up with something that is not organic, not local, and likely not cleaning eating, but it makes everything, especially vegan food, taste so good: a dash of BBQ sauce. Lunch is ready!


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  1. I freeze peppers, but I use the frozen peppers cooked in other things such as soups.