Friday, January 27, 2012

Snow day

The weather has been all over the place this week. First, skiing on the weekend with temps in the teens, then a sudden warm-up and rain, which took care of the snow, and converted life into a puddle. Back to cold with streets, walkways and driveways doubling ice skating rings. By yesterday the streets were orderly and the temps colder. Overnight? New snow with a dash of sleet as garnish. Schools are closed today, and about everything else, too, which brings us to our first snow day of 2012, and an unexpected long weekend. Yeah.

I laughed and I cried, and I laughed again. It was very Shakespearian (or better Bridget Jonesian..). What did I do? I finally watched Bridesmaids on DVD last night. However, watching it the second time during the day (without a glass of wine) makes it a bit sadder. It is a classic, though, great, quirky, unforgettable characters. I think I will never be able to think about bridesmaid dress shopping carefree again.

A pot of beluga lentils with chickpeas is simmering on the stove. With the time on my hands , it is time to try something, the Lentil walnut meatballs from the New Times website, but with my own twist. And lounge on the couch with a bridesmaid rerun. Hold on, for one more day. Of snow.


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