Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter Farmers Market

Today was one of the Saturdays when the winter farmers market takes place. Yes, we are in Maine, it is freezing cold and we have an outdoor winter farmers market. We are really serious about farmers market. As expected there was not much offered with regard to vegetables in the dead of winter, but goat cheese, fresh free range eggs, fish from the coast, milk as well as vegan cupcakes were available. Everyone was buddled up. A stand with hot coffee would have made a killing!



  1. I went to the Market this morning like every Saturday. The real treasure of Cleveland is the 100 year old indoor Market with small stalls which sell meats (of all types including Amish chicken,) fresh baked goods (sweets and breads,)herbs, fresh pasta, Mexican specialties, oils, coffee, nuts, perogies, and so much more. The other half of the market is fresh fruit, veggies, two flower stands, and a stand with honey and maple syrup. It is not a true farmer's market but it is a treasure trove of goodness. It is a treat every Saturday.

  2. Sounds wonderful! Unfortunately, our town is tiny but an indoor location in the winter would be really great...

  3. That is SO awesome! I would absolutely go to a Winter farmer's market. I'd need like ten cups of coffee to walk around with :)