Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snow tires

This is an unusual winter. Last year (and normally) if we get snow we get about 2ft in one snow storm. This year when there is ‘snow’ predicted on the weather forecast, we are in for 2 inches. I am not complaining. Today I put on my new Yactrax (Yactrax are to winter boots what chains are to winter tires), and I gave them a test walk in the new snow/slush/ice. They make for a remarkable grip on the treacherous surface so I survived a walk to town unharmed for a change. I even said hello to a fellow fresh snow lover along the way. He was slightly disappointed that I had no snacks this time.

Back home with a impeding sense of loss I watched the 33rd episode of Breaking Bad which is also the last episode on Netlfix instant play. I think I might move on to the first episode of Lost.


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