Saturday, March 17, 2012

Not your schnitzel’wich.

After a morning of Schnitzelwich (Rachael Ray’s take on food truck schnitzel in a sandwich), Giada using quinoa flour in her brownies (I agree, quinoa flour adds a unique flavor to baked goods, go Giada) and Paula Deen co-hosting with an English darling former model now chef on lightening up some dishes and Paula, as usual, looking like someone making her eat cardboard when having to eat butter-less dishes, does not matter if it is her son or an English darling, I am finally ready to head out into this beautiful spring day. My hommage to St. Patrick’s day is hidden in the salad: a few strands of cabbage. Otherwise, my take on a Wholefoods salad bar-worthy farro, beet and cranberries salad, home-made hummus and a tomaedo, ya’all.


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