Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To be lost or not to be lost

Don’t you love messy weather sometimes?  After we had a spring appearance on Monday, today the weather could not decide whether to rain or snow and did both. Neighborhood cat was shivering and needed an extra lunch. I was not interested in leaving the house or exploring anything, so it was time to get stuff done around the to-do-at-home list. I finally hemmed my new citizen of humanity kelly jeans and an older pair of Levis skinny jeans; I made a kale chips tart. I watched the netflix DVD “Ides of Marches”, which had been laying around for weeks, because I was mono-mindedly focused on Lost. And then I watched the last episode of Lost again. It still did not make much more sense.

Don’t you just love it  when you have to type “making sense of LOST” (aka read the cliff notes) into Google, if you want to understand a movie…. or in this case a 120 episodes/ 6 year TV series?  A simple “Lost, tv series” on wikipedia does not even help. They were all happy in the end, found each other, independent of time and space, but Jack died. Why? But then I do like a good detective story, and Lost was full of suspense. Reading the cliff notes it even seems to make sense. Now, I am watching the episodes in backward order. I still can’t let go. Now, that’s going to be confusing…. Or, maybe the right clue?

It is also time to get some actual work done. Chanelle is providing moral support as usual, taking a cat nap under my legs.


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