Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chanelle No 2

Today was a perfect day --- sunny, warm, almost ‘break a sweat if I move too much’ warm which is warm enough for most Mainers. After the farmers market I headed to Acadia National Park for the first hike of 2012. But first I was sidetracked after we found each other: a black kitty who must be a reincarnation of Chanelle. I was browsing an antique site (more like a junk yard) and I like this place because last time there were the cutest kittens. I appeared and 2 black cats immediately showed up and followed me around, super-friendly. One of the them not only look exactly like Chanelle but he is the same love bug. Once I sat down he snuggled up to me, curled up on my lap laying on his back, pressing hard against me, not going anywhere. Love. I almost took him home, but I am sure Chanelle No 1 would be less understanding.

So I could not leave, until we were all snuggled out after 1h. He decided he needed a little nap in the shade. And I moved on to the hill and the hike. After that, the obligatory (shopping/browsing) walk in Bar Harbor. Next time I have to get on that schooner at the Bar Harbor Inn!


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