Monday, May 7, 2012

First beach day

It is officially summer for me – and today the weather matched the concept: sunny and warm. Since it would rain for the rest of the week I could not wait to jump into my car this morning for my summer-opening trip to the coast.  I did not even know where I wanted to go, but it became clear to me after a 1/2 mile: Bar Harbor! I started listening to a new audiobook, The Painted Veil. I had seen the beautiful movie a few years ago, but the book read by a British woman is similarly delightful. Isn’t any that is read by a British person?
My usual round in Ellsworth, which is on the way,  included lunch at Cleonice. Originally I had planned for the first lobster of the year at a roadside lobster shack, but standing in front of the lunch menu at Cleonice I changed my mind. 


I went with the tried and true, the beet walnut gorgonzola tapas and a new Moroccan pink lemonade with rose water. Delicious!


Instead of my usual place in one of the cozy booths I picked the table next to the window – better light for a food blogging… It also provided me with a new view of the place.


I continued to Bar Harbor, which was buzzing with contractors busily fixing up and glamourizing the place. Most restaurants or stores open on May 18. But Mount Desert Ice cream was ready for business. And its only customer. Me. 


After all that good food it was time for the first beach visit and some tanning. It was warm, the aroma of salty sea air, calm seas, and again, I had the beach to myself.

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  1. I'm so jealous!!!!! I wish it was summer for ME!!!