Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kale, orange bell pepper and tricolore hummus

It is Sunday, but the lawn mowers were humming in the neighborhood this morning. The lawns had grown with splendor with the recent rain and today was the first time with enough dryness and sunshine for the first crop cut of the year. I did the same and even got the lawn mower to work after it did not want to start initially. Most the neighbors were out eventually, the first big hello of the year. The kids are one head taller, sometimes there is another little one. Since the climate is so rough in the winter in Maine, people huddle in their houses after fall, and things can change till the next summer.

No new little ones this time, but kids on small mountain bikes, the first BBQ, kids laughing.

My lunch was simple: sauteed spinach and baby kale cooking greens with white wine, olive oil, garlic and a half orange bell pepper with a good scoop of the Trader Joe’s 3-layer hummus.


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