Thursday, May 10, 2012

Patience, patience

It is raining cats and dogs today and will continue like that until the evening. Good day to stay indoors and do something fun like paint walls or clean or just hang out. It always stretches the patience when after a long cold winter the warm sunny weather won’t come while everyone else in the south is already sweating and preferring to stay indoors for the rest of the summer. And I am still cranking up the woodstove once in a while. Endless ‘winter’.

Yesterday, I tasted the white bean cake. The first slice … and I was not impressed. A bit bland in taste? Not sweet at all which I like and a nice, dense, moist texture. The next slice already tasted better and by the 3rd slice I was hooked and glad that I had brought the cake to work. A flurry of grad students were around and the announcement of cake stopped them in mid sentence and taking a trip to the kitchen.

Not sure how much is left of it.

Dinner was light and warm: pasta sauteed with baby kale, garlic, olive oil and white wine with a side of the israeli couscous salad.


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