Sunday, May 13, 2012

Strained herbed goat milk yogurt

The other day I picked up something new at Trader Joes: goat milk yogurt. Hmmmm?

I love soft goat cheese so I was curious about how yogurt would taste. Then, when I tasted it I immediately disliked it: it definitely tasted like goat cheese and I could not think of combining it with anything sweet or fruits. So, it sat there in the fridge.

Yesterday at the farmers market I tasted a new product at the Olde Oak Creamery that was similar to the goat milk yogurt, just thicker, with olive olive and herbs mixed in, more like a spread than a crumbly goat cheese. The Aha! moment happened. Strained goat milk yogurt! So, I put the goat milk yogurt in the trusty strainer for about 36h, and it became thick and creamy, similar to Greek yogurt, much more the consistency of a cheese than a yogurt.


I mixed it with a tablespoon of pesto, some salt, finely chopped chives and fresh thyme, and served it as a spread on toasted bread with olive oil. Superb! A step closer to make your own goat cheese. Even with out adopting one of the adorable baby goats.


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