Friday, May 25, 2012

Take me away

These days I have a small obsession with Wallis and Edward. I caught a glimpse of the preview of W/E on one of the DVDs from netflix, but did not get the movie’s name and started googling for Edward and Wallis. I ended up with the (well-known) story of Wallis Simpson, and the king that abdicated for her. I put W/E in my DVD list, and the Edward & Mrs Simpson 1978 British TV mini series on my instant play list. I have a thing for beautifully filmed British movies that play between 1850 and 1945 in England. It seems such a tranquil, beautiful, understated time (well, if you are rich).

Today is a gray, cool day; the week has been full and arduous, and I felt I wanted to get away and have fun. Portland. But once the clock moved passed 12pm, my desires turned into a pumpkin. The trade-off between a 4h drive and browsing the isles at Wholefoods, lingering in downtown Portland, and fun/but unnecessary shopping seemed to tip towards a ‘too much of a drive”. I talked myself out of it. Instead, I am sitting on my couch, an amorous Chanelle No 1 next to me, and W/E in the DVD player. The combination is not too bad.  Take me away, to different places, different times, different lives.

Something is cooking, too.   Quinoa. Israeli couscous. Beluga lentils.


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