Friday, May 11, 2012

Treasures by the sea

The rain finally stopped today, I got some work done and started into the weekend mid-afternoon with another coastal exploration trip. My mission this summer is still the hunt for antique bundt cake pans, and fortunately several of the flea markets along Rt 1 were already open. No bundt cake pans, though, but hey, it is just May. Dinner for once at Chase’s Daily in Belfast, but rookie mistake – I had no reservations. Friday is the only day Chase’s serves dinner, and obviously it is booked solid. Nevertheless, I got dinner, at the bar, reserved for those rookie interlopers. It was fabulous and made with love, as usual. 

belfast-1020150 belfast-1020152 belfast-1020155 belfast-1020160 belfast-1020163
belfast-1020168 belfast-1020171

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