Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Drought me not.

It is one of these days again when I did not catch enough sleep, because my cat woke me up again, at 4:30am because she was hungry. She is on a diet and I lock away her food. When she gets hungry, she miouws in my ear, and if I pretend I have not heard it she tickles my ear with her paw. That basically happens every night; I am ready to give up on her diet so I can sleep again!

I read that the midwest has a severe drought this summer and that all the corn for the chickens and cattle is not growing. 1000 things go through my mind of “cattle should not eat corn in the first place” and “you shall not eat cattle in the first place” and so on, but I leave it at that. Looking out the window this morning, it rained and rained, so no drought at least in Maine for the day.

Doesn’t look salad even better with a close-up? All those chickpeas, cranberries, the  puddles of balsamic vinaigrette, and the crisp bip salad leaves? Lumps of roquefort?


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