Saturday, August 11, 2012

Garden, the August version

Finally, a rainy day interrupting my summer staycation. Time to catch up on home errands and some blogging. August fills me with a sense of light melancholy as in “this is the last month of summer”. The last month of summer break, of searing hot temperatures, long days without a chill in the morning, summer as it should be. The garden is in full bloom and the various squash plants take over everything. The first home-grown cherry tomatoes, the first ever home-grown radicchio salad which looks more like art than the red radicchio I know from the store. Also, my first home-grown kuri winter squash is doing well and starts to look like the red ones from the farmers market. This plant, grown from a single seed, saved from a kuri squash I bought last fall at the FM, is making its way across the garden. Ah, August.






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