Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Art of Squeezing a Lemon

There are some tasks in the kitchen that happen all the time, and it is good to have a simple, effective, all-around efficient way of doing it. For example, grating garlic, chopping onions or squeezing a lemon. Since I get all my culinary knowledge from FoodNetwork and the Cooking channel, I do whatever Giada, Ina and Rachael are doing. Giada must do regular strength training because she squeezes a 1/2 lemon with her bare hands. I need tools.

You would think, well, that is easy, you just use a juicer. An electric juicer is very good for squeezing, but way too much work for clean up. A manual juicer is similar, less cumbersome for the clean-up, but still many parts and it ends uo in the dish washer. A fabulous tool is a reamer, which is very easy clean up, just rinse it, and it is also good for getting the juice out. However, what about the seeds?!

There is on to the next cue: Ina! She is like me, no upper arm strength, she also uses a reamer, but….. to catch the seeds she reams the lemon over a sieve, and that is the best of both world: easy juicing the lemon, without the seeds. Both the reamer and sieve can easily be cleaned.

Today’s lemon juice went into a lacinato kale salad with yellow watermelon, feta and beets. 







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