Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cat weightloss update

You might (or might not) remember that I started getting serious about the weightloss of one of my cats back in May. I had bought Science Diet indoor cat food, which is actually lower in calories than the ‘light’ food (yes, there are food labels on cat food). I calculated and measured and was strict with treats (none!), and even bought a baby scale (it was another story to make here realize absolutely nothing will happen to her if she just stands still for a few seconds in the baby scale…..) to keep track of her progress. But after 3 months she still had not lost anything. Not an oz. As that point I was at a loss because I did not want to go to lower with reducing the calories since cats are prone to get into a state in which too much body fat is processed and they can actually get liver damage and die from it. 

By the end of August she got sick and we had to do a dreaded vet visit. The vet now has a pet weightloss specialist technician, and I got to talk to her. She recommended a Hills prescription weightloss diet for cats; it is very high in lean protein, high fiber and has some carnitine to promote weightloss. I decided to try it out, a few cans first, because the cats can be particularly picky with their food. Fortunately, Val was liking it. After some adjusting of when and how much of food to give to her, we found a new rhythm so that she was not hungry (during the night and woke me up) and ate about one can/day. Now, 6 weeks later she has steadily lost 1 pound. She is much more active, plays with her catnip toys, and chases her sister around. She also seems in much better spirits. (On a side note, since she has epilepsy I also need to reduce her meds, because she is knocked out cold by the former amount). She still has a long way to go, but hopefully we are on the right track. 


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