Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Let's fly away and visit the Borough Market in London

Now, that all the exciting US stuff is over, we can focus on the fun again, such as travel. Every visit to London should include a visit to the Borough Market, a market that has 'farmers' from all over Europe to sell cheeses, meats, breads, flowers and more. It is open during the week for restaurants, but on Friday and Saturday it is open for the public at large. Talk about sampling! Conveniently it starts with stands to get your breakfast oysters and a glass of champagne and then the weekend can start with samples from France, Italy and of course, England. Don't miss it!

Borough Market is a produce and fresh fish and meat market for whole salers. On the weekend, it is open to the public at large.

A great place to have breakfast, oysters, or a glass of prosecco before produce shopping.

It's best to come around 9am when the market is still empty, private, and relaxed.

Food ranges from organic fruit to spanish ham and provence lavender.

Samples are available at most stands, and they alone a worth wandering the market.

The cheese is Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy and naturally some British goat cheese and Stilton.


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