Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The clock is ticking

The clock it ticking, and the deals have already started. Over the last years (as a now savvy shopper) I have realized how intertwined the thanksgiving turkey feast and the deal hunt (likely replacing the chase for a turkey 100 years ago) have become. I feel we are all at the start line of an Olympic type sprint for the best deals starting at midnight on Thursday. The air is electric, the coupons are clipped and printed, the attack strategy is formulated. I wonder if I can remove myself from the storm, and just lay low and let it pass over me, buying nothing, really. But then I open my email box and there all these deals, and I remember the things I like and never bought. But now, with 50% off? why not?

I don't really need anymore stuff. But here a few things that could tempt me.

I have many le creuset, but I never saw that there is even a 1 quart one available. 1 quart! It is only 5 1/2 inch in diameter and still costs (on sale) $100. Cute. Great for single portion chilis. But, no.

I am going through a preppy phase right now, and you cannot have enough JCrew blazer to go preppy. The middle one is tempting. But maybe I outgrow my preppy phase, and then I have way too many blazers and it is ebay time again, sell the surplus.
I have most of these items, from Gap's city girl collection, in some form or another, but this red leather moto jacket could be a life time piece, right? But the red one is not available online and it is definitely not in my store. Dreaming on (and saving a lot of money).

Now, I will hide out somewhere, and keep myself distracted with something productive.

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