Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent, advent, ein Lichtlein brennt

Yesterday, I packed up my Macy's 25% off coupon and headed to the mall in the evening at 8pm when most people had already left. After some rummaging I bought a beautiful plum colored Martha Stewart 3 quart dutch oven, which was reduced to $69 and with another 25% off it brought it to around $50. Almost a bargain compared to the le creusets. The color is just perfect and the shape so beautiful. I ventured out into the mall, and was mesmerized by all the sparkly pink and rose colored velvety sweatsuits at Victoria's secret, so much sparkle that could outdo any christmas tree on Christmas morning. But you cannot have enough sparkle around the holiday season, right? Whatever gets us in the holiday spirit.... sparkle, velvet, baked apples, spiced hot apple cider, gingerbread cookies and christmas music...

I was spoken to in French, being mistaken for the bright colored Canadians from New Brunswick diving into US shopping before the holidays. Somehow they were easy to spot: they wear red and pink down vests and scarfs, bright eyes, excited, while the going winter colors for Maine are gray and black and slightly depressed. And you might know my love for pink...

I hauled my new pot home, put some more wood on the fire in the wood stove, and started cooking dinner.

Today, it is Sunday and according to German tradition you light your first candle on the 'Adventskranz", a wreath stacked with 4 candles, one for each Sunday before Christmas. Today, the first one is lit, gluehwein is served, and cookies are eaten. Happy first 'advent'! (advent = latin for advenere, coming closer).

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