Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent, advent, zwei Lichtlein brennen....

It is the second advent, I finally managed to finish my advent wreath this week with 4 candle pillars, a few extra bows, but I could not find any candle holders which I could just stick in the wreath to keep the candles in place. Where to get those? --- Today, I woke up to bright sunshine and really mild weather (for December in Maine). Usually by this time of the year, the temperatures are in the tenths and there is snow on the ground (piles and piles of snow), but last December was unusually mild and this December seems to follow the pattern. It feels more like October than winter in Maine. In my ideal world, it to be really cold in January, 2-3 massive snow storms so I can go skiing, but then no more snow storms (and driveway plowing) for the rest of the time. By the middle or end of February it would be bye-bye snow, and in March we unthaw and I can swing on my bike again. 

The windows to my house are wide open to let some fresh air in, the cats check out where the birds are,  and I am planning on a long walk today.

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